Welcome to SUGAR CREEK in beautiful Mobile, Alabama.  This forum is intended to enhance communication within the Association and provide quick and easy access to neighborhood information, resources, and events.  We hope you will visit here often and enjoy the information provided regarding our community.
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Fall Annual Meeting
Thanks to all that were able to attend Sunday afternoon's Fall Annual Meeting.  A quorum was established and following a recap of the Associations accomplishments and events of the last year, our treasurer provided a financial report and presented the 2022 budget.  Committee activities were discussed as were several prospective capital improvement needs.  Finally, an election was held for three open seats on the Board and for the adoption of new Declarations and Rules to replace the existing Declarations.  The results were as follows:
Board Members:
Missy Curtis (Incumbent)
Brian Mainwaring
Tony Nelson
Declarations and Rules
For - 49
Against - 5
Congratulations to our new Board members!
Based on the favorable directive from the Members, as per the election results, the Board has approved the adoption of the proposed Declarations and Rules, and will have them properly recorded as required.
Board Meeting
Monday, December 6th, 6:00 pm at TBD
An agenda will be published and the meetings are run on time.  Members in Good Standing (dues are current) are welcome to attend and observe.  We request any New Business requests be submitted via website a week prior to the meeting for Board consideration.